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A footnote to what Hardy wrote:
After WW1 when it was to be decided whether Czernowitz was
to be annexed to Romania, the Jewish population was on the side
of the local Ruthenian population, who was against the annexation.

Had Czernowitz remained part of Romania, after WW2, our fate
would not necessarily have been better, nor would the fate of the city.


> Dear David,
> It seems that the choice now is: Omitting Rumanian or not having the
> plate.
> Symbolically Rumanian should be there but in practice very little harm
> is
> caused by this omission. All Czernowitsi Rumanians are fluent in
> Ukrainean.
> This leaves Rumanian tourists who dont know English out - how many ?
> All we want is a plate with the name Traian Popovici ,1941, 20,000
> saved Jews on it.
> The curious will investigate , the indifferent will ignore , the
> Jews will enjoy,
> the survivors will rejoice.
> Enmity between Ukraineans and Rumanians in Bukovina:
> Since the time of Alexandru cel Bun when Bukovina was Moldovian
> but with
> a very strong Ukrainean population these two have been in feud over
> sovereignty.
> We, the Jews were the majority in the city but had no national
> ambitions.
> Was it not for the German- Soviet treaty , Bukovina would be
> Rumanian now.(?)
> We could have the plate in Rumanian and Eminescu instead of
> Kobilianska
> in front of the National Theatre ( Who replaced Schiller).
> Travelling would also be easier and communication better.
> Hardy

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