[Cz-L] Paying for the plaque.

From: Miriam Taylor <mirtaylo_at_indiana.edu>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 07:15:17 -0400
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Some of you have written me and asked about sending me money
to pay for the plaque. Please DO NOT send me money now.
At this point I do not know exactly how much the plaque will cost.
Let's wait till we know this, I do not want to collect more money
than is needed.
Furthermore, if I am to receive checks in foreign currency,
it would be much easier for me, if I received only one check
in each currency. i.e. I would like one person to collect
the contributions from Israelis in Shekel, one person
to collect the contributions from Europeans in Euros, etc.
Then these people would each send me one check.

I plan to make the necessary payments for the plaque myself
and have no doubts, that you will reimburse me.
I promise to be sensible and frugal and if possible
to consult you first.


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