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Some days ago I suggested that people attending the Jubilee
festivities in Czernowitz should remember the October 11 -The Ghetto day.
  I also suggested a march to the Ghetto.
  It was just a thought.
   Now I see that some people want to actually do it .
    For these I can suggest a trail : our Via Dolorosa.
   First station : Rathaus - all participants fill the Ringplatz
                        and the City Mayor holds a speech.
                        It was here that Popovici saw the Jews through
                        his office window , on the way to the Ghetto.
                        Pushing prams and trolleys and carrying sacks.
   Second station : Temple - A short walk through the Tempelgasse
                          brings us to the Temple .
                           A Kaddish for Chief Rabbi Mark is officiated.
    Third station : Popovici house on the Karolinengasse .
                           Inauguration of the plate. Speeches by honoraries
    Fourth station : The Jewish Hospital on the Ham .
                           The hospital is no longer there but the ramp leading
                            up to the gate is there.
                             Here thousands of people found refuge.
                              Here Popovici brought the news of the
                              20,000 permits , old religious Jews kissed his feet.
    Fifth station : The Alte Shil on the Synagogengasse.
                               Reading of names of the perished.


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