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   HARDY BREIER schrieb:
> The Deluge.
> Mr Moltnick of the Czernowitz City Administration looked at the latest
> posts on the monitor: " This american woman again , with the Popovici
> plate , what am I going to tell her now ? Popovici's adress . Yes ,
> They have no way of proving the adress."
> "Maria , tell her that we must have an authorized adress , yes , we
> cannot accept hearsay .
> We already told her ? Tell her again ".
> That night Moltnik had a dream .
> In his dream Sv. Paraskiva ,his favorite saint came out of the clouds and
> told him:" Grigore , God is very mad at how you handle this Popovici
> business . If you will not let them have their plate he will punish the town."
> Then he woke up.
> The next day , high in the western Carpathian mountains it started
> to rain.
> The rain over the Cheremosh watershed was heavy.
> The Prut rose by 2 meters in Kolomeya and the Cheremosh streamed
> down from the Carpatians in a ever increasing stream .
> At the convergence of the White and Black Cheremosh the waters came
> down as a real waterfall.
> The rain did not stop and the Prut level rose rapidly.
> The rain kept coming down for days, the Prut left its banks and
> inundated vast areas .
> 20,000 inhabitants living in the Prut valley had yo evacuate their homes .
> That morning Mr Moltnik entered his office and sat down at his table.
> He called Maria: "Maria write that american woman ,tell her she can
> have the plate " .
> " Mr Molnick, at what adress shall it be ?"
> " At any adress , any adress at all&#8230;."

Hardy, we love you. Always telling the truth. And in a poetic way!
Gabriele and Eduard

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