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Hi Abraham,

To clarify the clarification:

Gaby Rinzler is correct: the Soviet ultimatum to the Romanian Gov't does
stipulate that as compensation for the Romanians' exploitation of
Bessarabia, they were to cede the Northern Bukovina. Also, regarding
Bessarabia: on June 28, 1940, there was no Moldavian SSR, only a small
region east of the Dniester called the Moldavian Autonomous Region (MAR},
part of the Ukrainian SSR. After June 28, the Soviets chopped off the
northern (Hotin) and southern (Ismail) parts of Bessarabia and joined the
remainder with the MAR to form the Moldavian SSR. Interestingly, after the
demise of the USSR when "Moldova" was created, the former MAR seceded and
has been de facto an autonomous entity.

A small correction to Gaby's memo:
In 1940, when the USSR annexed No.Bukovina, Bessarabia, etc., it did not
occupy parts of the CSR (Carpatho-Ukraine); this territory was occupied by
Hungary. After 1944, the CSR ceded this territory to the USSR, to enable the
unification of all Western Ukrainians (Ruthenes).

Fred Schneider

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> Just to clarify:
> Northern Bukovina was occupied on June 28, 1940. It had nothing to do
> with
> compensation, it was the result of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact signed in
> August
> 1939. In line with the secret protocol attached to the above-mentioned
> Pact, Stalin decided to incorporate it into Ukraine, whereas Bessarabia
> was incorporated in the Moldavian Soviet Republic. Also, as far as I can
> remember, each of the three Baltic states became a separate Soviet
> republic,
> also as a result of the same agreement.
> A propos Soviet schools - in 1940-1941 I attended the Yiddishe Mittelschul
> No. 5. There were only two such yiddishe schools. Zwi Yaavets, who until
> 1940 was my schoolmate ate the same Lyzeum L.E.G., attended the Yiddishe
> Mittelschul No. 26.
> Best, Abraham K.
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>> Northern Bukovina was occupied by Soviet troops in March 1940. They
>> justified
>> this after reclaiming Bessarabia as compensation and because of the local
>> population was Ukrainian. They also occupied at the time parts of Poland
>> and
>> Czechoslovakia. The war ageist the Soviet Union started on June 22nd
>> 1941.
>> In a few weeks the Romania reoccupied Northern Bukovina. As the front
>> progressed
>> eastward Hitler placed the Soviet territory between the Dniester and Bug
>> rivers
>> under Romanian administration. This is where part of the Jewish
>> population
>> from
>> the Bukovina was deported.
>> On March 28 1944 the red army reentered Czernowitz and the remaining Jews
>> were
>> "liberated".
>> For most of us who were born in the first half of the 20st century there
>> are 5
>> distinct periods in our life:
>> a- Before WW II - Though we all cherish our childhood memories we
>> probably
>> were too young to see the dark clouds on the horizon.
>> b-1940-1941- we are suddenly soviet citizen. We go to Russian, Ukrainian
>> or
>> (believe it or not) Yiddish schools. Many significant events,but before
>> we
>> have time to absorb the changes, Hitler invades the Soviet Union.
>> c-1941-1944- Ghetto, Transnistria, "Munca" no school, terror. Jewish
>> propensity
>> for survival.
>> d-1944-1946-Liberated, most of the surviving Jewish population chooses to
>> leave
>> the Soviet Union by way of Romania, Czechoslovakia, Poland.
>> e-1946-We decide to "Mache a Lebed" in the free world and as experienced
>> survivors
>> we did.
>> There is enough material for each of us to write 5 novels.
>> Shalom
>> Gaby

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