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Mimi Taylor asked that I post a page with maps and photos of where
the plaque is supposed to be placed, and this I have done.

 From the Menu on the Home page, click on 'Popovici Memorial Pages' ->
'residence of Traian Popovici'. If you're real lazy, click on:

You'll need to use your scroll bars to see it all.

Most likely there are errors in spelling or even more egregious things
that need correcting, but hopefully nothing as serious as my not
posting in plain text. Please send me your corrections.

Speaking of previous sins, one person corrected my spelling of hari
kari (it's hara kiri in Japanese, he says), and another sent me
pictures of the knives that I should use (Tanto Mei:Kunimitsu). Such a

I've decided not to order the knives, but rather to soldier on.


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