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"The problem is with the dense new growth of trees, mostly maples, mostly two
or three years old with a diameter of about 2" = 5cm. There are too many,
to grind them down."

A note on maples. Their root systems are extensive and shallow with most roots located in the top six inches of soil. Maples, in general, are fast growing trees; the rate of growth is dependent on the type of maple and, of course, the climate. And they are notorious self-seeders. Stumps that are left in place and are still alive will sprout new foliage quickly and seedlings will appear again in just a few years. Left unchecked, substantial saplings will develop from these seedlings within another few years.
To avoid this situation ongoing yearly maintenance must be done to remove the sprouted seedlings--either by hand or with a chemical such as glyphosate. It is true that the dense shade maple crowns produce does keep out other plants and they provide protection from the elements. But there are other types of trees that require less ongoing maintenance while providing shade. Glyphosate applied to tree leaves will eventually after repeated applications, work its way to kill the roots and chemicals such as garlon can be applied directly to cut stumps with a brush. While toxic, the chemicals should not effect nearby graves. Once dead, the small maple tree stumps can be removed by root cutting and hand digging (done by experienced landscapers) if grinding is not preferred. I have also heard that burning the stumps will work but without knowing how close these saplings are to the graves, I'm not recommending that course of action right now.
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Ava Cohn

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