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  Suspiro del Moro.

In the Sierra Nevada , overlooking Granada there is a mountain pass
were the Moorish king , defeated and driven out by the Spaniards
looked back at the glory of the Alhambra Palace and overcome with
grief - sighed , this would be the last time he would see this
splendor. They called the place "Suspiro del Moro " the Sigh of the Moor.

On the road south of Czernowitz a squeaky Soviet Army truck is
driving towards the Siret border crossing . In the back of the truck the
Goldberg family, father, mother and two teenage sons and their belongings.

As Moishe looks at his family and at the receding Czernowitz , tears
come to his eyes . His ancestors had come to Czernowitz very long ago.
As far as he knew, all of his forefathers , centuries ago, were from
He had no other roots.
The road winds down into the Siret valley. On the hill the buildings of
Czernowitz recede. Far away the Residenz with its glittering crosses, the
Cathedral with its domes ,the Kutzumarastrasse. One more turn and the town
comes out of vision.
Moishe knows that he will not see his town again. He sighs.
Since then they call this road bend: " Der Krechz fin Moische ".

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