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Dear Czernowitzers,
My name is Margot Ringwald, née Gottesmann and I receive your news being on
your list.I enjoy them very much.
I got some lines written by the daughter of Dr.Wiesenthal amd would like to
ask you to help her to correct the errors of her father's death .
Thanks a lot
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> Liebe Margot,
> hier ist was die Liane Copelman-Wiesenthal richtig stellen will,
> vielleicht klappt es bei Dir.
> Herzlichst
> Richard
>>I have been asked by a friend of mine, Dr. Liane Copelman-Wiesenthal, the
>>daughter of the well known Czernowitz pediatrician Dr. Mendel Wiesenthal,
>>to circulate among the Czernowitz List the following statement:
>>I read with interest the book "Erinnerungen an Czernowitz" by Zvi Yavetz,
>>who is referring in many places to my father Dr. Mendel Wiesenthal.
>>Although the book contains many correct and praising statements about my
>>father, there are also some details which are incorrect. Thus my father
>>did not pass away left alone, in Germany, in an old people's home, but in
>>Paris, on October 7-th, 1982 having around him his two children and the
>>rest of the family.

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