[Cz-L] I do not think I was ever more surprised...

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Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 00:32:51 +0100
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Dear All,

Browsing the "Gruss aus Czernowitz" site, I found a new view of the
lower end of the Ringplatz. Here there is an open space on the site of
buildings destroyed in the war which used to front the square, now a
complete blot upon the beautiful city of Czernowitz. At the rear of the
space there is a singularly ugly blank wall, which now dominates this
end of the Ringplatz. On this new photo,


you can see that the ugly blank wall has now been decorated in honour of
the Centenary. The wall features a large reproduction of a document,
bearing a seal, and surrounded by images of the city, with the
inscription "Chernivtsi 1408 2008". On the right, near the top, there
is an image of the Temple. Looking above it, I do not think I was ever
more surprised...

Some years ago I was lucky enough to purchase on ebay a particularly
interesting postcard; a photo of the west side of the Hauptstrasse, in
the early 1930s. It is a sunny morning, the blinds of the shops are
down; there is a sense of elegance sadly now departed from the shops of
Czernowitz. The card was of particular interest to me, because one of
the shops prominently displays the name "GELBAND"; this was my
great-uncle's elegant shoe shop.

When I visited Czernowitz for the reunion two years ago, I took a
photograph of a similar view of the Hautpstrasse. (Sadly the Gelband
shop is no longer there, its site forms part of the bare plaza fronting
the Ringplatz.) By removing the leftmost part of the old postcard, the
old view and my modern photo formed an interesting "then and now" pair
of pictures, and I posted these to the ehpes site:


So this was my surprise ... the image on the wall of the Ringplatz is my
postcard!! They must have found it on the ehpes site. It is definitely
my card; the portion that I removed to make the "then and now" views
match up is missing in the image on the wall.

I always thought this was a particularly interesting card. It is
pleasing that the power-that-be in Cz seem to think the same.


[the Ringplatz picture from gr_czernowitz is now on our home page -moderator j.]
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