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Beau Geste.

1: a graceful or magnanimous gesture

2: an ingratiating conciliatory gesture
(From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

What the 20 schoolboys did, in joining the volunteers in cleaning
the Jewish cemetery of Czernowitz, was a symbolic act of good will,
coming as a complete surprise.

It is symbolic because in practical terms, little was accomplished:
The cemetey has 136 parcels and just one, the most easily accessible,
as cleaned. Some say the job wasn't well done and they should go
for the roots. We always like going to the roots of the matter.

Now we also know how to get rid of the stumps, although we have
no stumps yet, as the big trees are unaccessible as they stand in the
in the middle of the rain forest.

As to the many offers of herbicide, I start considering homicide.

Once I had an idea how we can solve this debacle:
As you might know, Czernowitz serves as an important trading
station for the Turkish Counterfeit American Cigarettes cooperation.

For years the authorities have been looking for their central warehouse
in the Czernowitz area to no avail.

What if send in an anonymous message:
"Smuggled cigarettes in cache at Jewish cemetery, Horecea, Zelenya street,
Parcels 76, 96 , 105. Smoking counterfeits may harm your Health".

They will call in the Chmelnytzky Motorized Engineers with their equipment=
and dig up the entire area in 24 hours. We remove the stumps later.


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