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Hello Cornel,
   Before we boykott we must tell what we demand .
     On this the whole group will have to agree.
      This will take between 6 months and a year . ( See plate, museum
        Maybe less.
         Then we boykott. How many Ehphesers go yearly to Cz. ?
            10 trips ? 20 ? not more.
          Not all will obey. Zissels will intervene. No leverage.
      Organizing ALL Czernowitzers not to go , needs a different framework .
         Bukowina Jewish Organizations Worldwide.
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> Hi all, I too have been following the mimi-hardy emails. Both have valid
> points..and true,we no longer live theremor at least there are only about
> 3000 jews. But and this is a very big but,we contribute huge amounts of
> cach
> to yhe city economy just by going on visits there,Were the jews to boycott
> the town i suspect at the very least the hotel trade would suffer greatly,
> So,we do have a basis for influence there as long as we try and speak with
> one voice! cornel

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