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Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 22:28:45 -0400
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

Dear Gabriel,

I am totally incompetent when dealing with websites and computers,
but I will gladly send you reliable information about Traian Popovici,
if you will send it, to Wikipedia to be entered under the entry for

A further correction is necessary; Most of the Jewish population left
Chernovtsi( as it was then called) in 1945-46. A smaller number of Jews
 from other parts of he USSR settled in Chernovtsi, but they were relatively
small in number.


> The efforts to honor Traian Popovici through a plaque in Czernowitz
> sent me to the English version Wikipedia. I have no information about
> the accuracy of the entry on Popovici
> (
> though the more knowledgeable members might want to examine it.
> The reason I write is that the entry for Czernowitz - listed as
> Chernivtsi ( - has no
> mention of Popovici at all. Notably, the following paragraph under
> "demographics" appears:
> "Chernivtsi once had a Jewish community of 50,000, about half of whom
> survived World War II thanks to the intercession of a Romanian lawyer
> and reserve officer, Theodor Criveanu. However, following the
> collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the majority of the Jewish
> population emigrated to Israel and the United States."
> Anyone can correct or add to a Wikipedia entry, though it is best if
> the sources of information are footnoted. Given that Wikipedia is a
> prime source of information around the world, perhaps someone can add
> information on Popovici to the Chernivtsi article. In addition, I
> think that mention of the contribution of the Jews to Chernivtsi (and
> their fate in World War II) should be mentioned in the "history"
> section of the article, not in the "demographics" section, and in
> greater detail.
> There is a Russian wikipedia, from which I suspect the school children
> of Czernowitz today routinely obtain information, given the prevalence
> of Russian as the language of scholarship. Ideally, the same
> information could be added to the Russian page -
> - by someone conve=
rsant in Russian.
> [Moderator's note: The Cyrillic characters at the end of the Russian web
> address just above will probably not come through correctly.
> This is likely due to incompatibility with Plain Text posting. Moderator
> Bruce]

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