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Dear Czernowitzers,

Unfortunatly the press information of the Chernivtsi city administration ab=
out the local students supporting the volunteers on the cemetery turned out =
to be wrong.

I wrote to Jasmin Söhner, one of the two work-camp leaders, yesterday and=
 received the following answer:

"The news that we had schoolchildren who worked with us is not correct. We =
saw nobody of them at the announced day. Just the director of a Jewish organ=
ization showed up with a lot of cakes for us. The day before he told us, tha=
t he will try to organize some children from the Jewish school.
But probably they enjoyed their summer break and he couldn´t organize the=
m voluntarily..."

Jasmin's conclusion is:

"Advertisement should be done in the universities and schools before the wo=
rk-camp (probably one month to one week before."

I think Jasmin is right. The time for local preparations turned out to be v=
ery short. But everyone who participated in this project is willing to do it=
 again next year. Now we have more time to make local contacts and agreement=
s then we had this year. To involve locals keeps still one of the main targe=

Hope to have better news the next time.

Best wishes

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hi all, hermann's idea to talk to the kids is a good one,and i am quite
happy to do so during the 600 event. What i would need is somebody who know=
the school to make the offer and then they could contact me. cornel

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