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To All,
Mimi posted an article about past mayors of Czernowitz published by the Ukr.
National House.
  It is long and deals with all past mayors and of the town. The picture
illustrating this
   article is, that's right , that of our T.Popovici.
    As I do not see anybody going to translate , as Mimi requested, so I am
going to try
    and do my best just conveying the spirit of the writing:
    " T. Popovici, Rumanian primar , saved many tens of thousands of jewish
     from deportation. Yad Vashem in Jerusalem granted him "Righteos" title
in 1989.
      Survivors are now immortalizing his memory in Cz.
       In the City Hall gallery his picture does not appear nor in the

        This is just a try and needs expert translation.
         When I think back on 1941 , Popovici was in office for just a few
short months .
           He assumed office only days before the ghetto and deportations .
           Shortly afterwards he was ousted .
              He was there at the opportune moment.
             Was this coincidence ? Or was it providence ?
             I am not religious but sometimes I become doubtful of my
convictions .

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>> Dear All,
>> I have just received the following information from Chernivtsi:
>>> The Head of the local Ukrainian National House has published an
>>> article about the past mayors of the city. There is a big photograph
>>> of Popovici on the first page and his story is told there.
>> I also received part of the article as it appeared in Ukrainian.
>> I will gladly send a copy to anyone who wants it. If one of you can
>> translate it, so we all can read it, I would be most grateful.
>> Mimi

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