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Hello Czernowitzers,

I was happy to be part of the volunteer group at the cemetery last month. I
have just arrived back home to Massachusetts several days ago, and would
like to add my comments about how best to thank the volunteers.

My feeling is that it would please people most to have personal individual
notes from as many folks as would like to write one. While a single note of
thanks would of course be appreciated, I think it would be much more
meaningful for people in the volunteer group to hear from individuals. It
would be especially meaningful, I think, for anyone who writes to explain
what his or her connection to Cz is.

Interestingly, I was the only Jewish person in the group. Each volunteer had
his/her own reason for participating, but many had some kind of interest in
Jewish history or at least in history. I had requests from about a half
dozen of you, and was very sorry I wasn't able to fulfill them, whether it
was to locate a grave, a business, etc. But even knowing about those
requests really personalized the project for everyone, I think. It certainly
did for me, even with my own personal connections.

And that is why I think it would be very meaningful for the group to know a
bit about why the cemetery and/or the city is important to you. You could
send them to Jasmin, one of the two group leaders, who will forward them to
the group. or to me. Jasmine_S_at_gmx.de, joliss_at_comcast.net, and we can
forward them to the other group members.

In terms of continuing interest in the project, a key person to write to is
is Tetyana Tatarchuk, in the Czernowitz mayor's office. She is in charge of
public relations and international relations. She was instrumental in
helping the group with lodging, excursions, press coverage, and just
general support and friendship. She also was instrumental in helping me to
find records on my relatives in the state archives, one of the most moving
experiences of my trip. She is a delightful person and deserves a round of
thanks herself.I also think it is important for her, and hence the mayor, to
know how many people are interested in seeing the cemetery maintained. Her
email is publ_rel_at_rada.cv.ua. Encourage her to let the mayor know your

If you were reading my blog and gave up when Ididn't write for a while, I
hope you will check back. We were just so involved with the project that i
didn't have time to write as much as I would have liked. But I have been
updating.. The blog address is:gojo08.blogspot. com. I will also publish
some additional photos as soon as I figure out how to do so!

And Mimi and Christian, please don't be so modest about your own
contributions to the project. From my perspective, each of you was
invaluable in making it happen. And we were all so happy to be able to meet
both of you.

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