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 For the forthcoming festivities Czernowitz is vamping up.
   They call it restoration. Houses of the historic center are
    restored and get a new coat of paint. The colors chosen are
   a question of taste . Like an old wreck putting on make-up.
   One of the streets chosen for restoration is Sagajdachnogo - the
   old Morario street ,one of the oldest of the Jewish quarter.
    It joins the Russischegasse and the Bahnhofstrasse ,the two
    main roads of the old city. It was unpaved and after rain
    the mud was knee deep. Horse drawn carriages used to toil
    their way through the mess.
      The street now gets a new pavement and sidewalks and paint.
     Among the projects for restoration was an old gate (click link).
      One morning, the neighbors noticed that the old gate was gone.
      Instead, an ugly concrete niche was left behind.
       The reaction was immediate : On the "Gruss" blog site the
       remarks were : Barbaric restoration !, the gate was
        and much more. One blogger wrote that for such old gates
        people elsewhere cut off walls , to bring the find to a museum.
       This referring to the Pergamon Museum in Berlin where they brought
        the Ishtar gate from Babylon.( and much more but my
         Ukrainean is too poor to get it).
         The Morariogass gate is certainly not the Ishtar gate but the
         involvement and criticism of the bloggers should be appreciated.
          I only wish that they felt the same for our Temple .
           Yes, the Zhovten also got a new coat of paint.
             Now it is light blue.
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> Hardy
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