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Hi, the next obvious question that comes to mind is school no.24 the jewish
school or a n ordinary Ukrainian one???? cornel

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Two years ago at the time of the Czernowitz Reunion 2006,
Mr.Lev Kleyman was the head of the Jewish community.
I do not know whether he is the head of the community now.

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> Hi mimi....who is mr.lev kleyman??? cornel
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> Dear All,
> This is what I was able to find out about the school-children
> who were suppose to come help the volunteers clear the cemetery
> of weeds and bushes.
> Two days before the volunteers were supposed to leave Chernivtsi,
> Mr. Lev Kleyman came to the cemetery and offered on the following day
> to bring a group of children to help the volunteers in clearing
> the cemetery. The next day Mr. Kleyman came to the cemetery again,
> bringing cakes or cookies and apologized that he could not bring the
> children.
> I think that Mr. Kleyman had made his offer sincerely, but could not
> do what he had offered. The volunteers had not given this information
> to the newspapers and do not know how it got there.
> I am quite sure, that there was no sinister plot, or any kind of plot,
> just a promise which could not be fulfilled and somehow was picked up
> by the newspapers.
> Mimi

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