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Lev Kleyman gave me his card. He indicated surprise that the Jewish
community had not been made aware of the project previous to our arrival. I
was surprised, too. I do know that Julia, from SVIT, had tried to solicit
cooperation from local young adults, but I don't know through what agencies.

The English side indicates that Mr.Kleyman is the Head of Direction for the
Jewish Community of the Chernivtsi Region. It has address, phone, email, and
website information. If anyone is interested I can post whichever of that
info, but here is the website:

bukjew.iatp.org.ua. I am going to take a look at it now!

The man who gave us the cakes had come several days before and told us he
owned a bakery. When we expressed regret that we wouldn't have time to visit
it, he promised to bring us cakes, and did! It was a nice, but bittersweet,
last day at the cemetery.

I am a bit confused because there was a group of teenage students when I
arrived, just as I had expected. ( I had been at the state archives that
morning, looking for, and, incredibly, finding, records on my great
grandmother, aunt, and a cousin. On my very last day.) Perhaps they were
other students, there had been a smaller group of teens on a previous day. I
will see if I can get some clarification from Jasmin or Basia.

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