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I have received from Reinhold Czarny a program of the festivities,
which he received from the Bukowina Inst. In Augsburg.

This is it, in my translation which may be faulty.


For the 600 year celebration of Czernowitz
on October 4th and 5th 2008

October 4th

10.00 - Opening of the exhibition of flowers ( theatre square)

         - Opening of the exhibition "Bukowina Loaf" (Ringplatz)

12.00 - Festive Opening of the city celebration "Czernowitz-600

12.40 - Festive march of Czernowitzers (Ringplatz)

13.40 - Festive entertainment of Czernowitzers und guests (Ringplatz)

14.00 - Opening of the Spartacus event (In front of the Cathedral)

14.30 - Festive opening of the 19th International Folklore-festival
           "Bukowina Meeting" (Ringplatz)

         - Concert of the children's traditional-costume-group
           (The Turkish fountain square)

         - Introduction of the guests of the 19th International
           Folklore-festival "Bukowina Meeting" (Ringplatz)

15.00 - Festive meeting in honor of the 600-year-celebration with
           the participation of the president of Ukraine and the invited
           guests (Stadttheater)

16.00 - Festive reception in the name of the mayor of Chernivtsi
           (Marble hall of the (Chernivtsi State University)

         - Introduction of the participants of the art-studies

         - Quiz-competition (Domplatz)

16.30 - Performance of the 19th International Folklore-festival
           "Bukowina Meeting" (Zentralplatz)

17.00 - Performance of the brass-orchestra (Philharmonieplatz)

19.00 - Festive concert (Domplatz)

21.30 - Laser-Show, fireworks (Domplatz)

October 5th

10.00 - Festival "Handcrafts" (Platz des Türkischen Brunnen)
11.00 - festive opening of the new names in the Sternallee
           with the participation of the prime-minister (Theaterplatz)

12.00 - Opening of the memorial 600-year-celebration with the
           participation of the president of parliament (green-space
           in the Golowna-Schkilna-street)

         - Celebration of Romanian Culture and Culinary art (Theaterplatz)

         - Celebration of the national culture and culinary art
           (Platz des Türkischen Brunnen)

         - Celebration of Polish culture and culinary art (next to the
           Polish house (Kobylyanska-Straße)

13.00 - Festive concert of the representatives of "Golos" and "Gerdan"

14.00 - Performance of the school-quires (Ringplatz)

15.00 - Performance of the quire "Homin" (Ringplatz)

         - Concert by Leonid Fleiderman (Moscow) in memoriam of J. Schmidt

         - Performance of the participants of the art studies.

16.00 - Performance of the Bukovina Song and dance ensembles (Ringplatz)

17.00 - Gala-concert (Stadium “Bukowina³)

22.00 - Festive fireworks (Stadium “Bukowina³)

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