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    To All,
   Not so long ago the the Ehpes was in agitation:
    The Jewish Museum debate.
    The Holocaust inclusion involved almost all members of
    the group, letters to Mr. Zissels were sent and finally
    victory was achieved. Our voice was heard .
      The Holocaust will be shown.
        We celebrated.
     What happened since ?
     Although some members of the group visited the town
     there was no report on the Museum.
      I have not been there but I have information.
      The Museum opened somewhere in August .
       If you are not initiated ,you wouldn't know.
         Why so ?
       Because they call it " Museum of History of Bukovina."
       The name Jewish does not appear.
       It is the Museum we speak of ,the adress is right : The
       Jewish Community House now called Palace of Culture.
        Did Mr. Zissels agree to this ? He must have.
         We were so happy that, at last ,we would have a Museum .
         How would an innocent bypasser looking for the
          Jewish Museum know ?
          He wouldn't.
        Why did this happen ? I have no satisfying answer.
          Maybe you do.
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