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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 21:10:16 -0400
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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

I am late in telling you about what I saw of the Jewish Museum,
in Chernivtsi. Both because I have been very busy and because
I really have very little to tell. Natalya Shevchenko, showed me
the rooms in which the museum will be housed, she spoke to me
about some of the exhibits. I asked her to meet with the volunteers
and she did. At the time I was there, non of the exhibits was up yet.
By chance I also met Josif Zissels as he was bringing stuff into the
building. I asked neither Natalya Shevchenko, nor Josif Zissels,
about the inclusion of Holocaust material in the museum.
So that all I can say is: I do not know.
I also do not know when the museum was supposed to open.
Possibly the "Museum of History of Bukovina", is in the same building,
but as another museum. The building is a 3 story building, the Jewish
Museum is on the ground floor, two rooms on the right as you enter,
there are many other rooms in the building.

The space allotted to the museum is very small, hardly a museum.
In addition there is a room containing a Jewish library and possibly,
also archives.

Glucklich ist wer vergisst was nicht mehr zu andern ist.
(He is happy, who forgets, what no longer can be changed.)


> To All,
> Not so long ago the the Ehpes was in agitation:
> The Jewish Museum debate.
> The Holocaust inclusion involved almost all members of
> the group, letters to Mr. Zissels were sent and finally
> victory was achieved. Our voice was heard .
> The Holocaust will be shown.
> We celebrated.
> What happened since ?
> Although some members of the group visited the town
> there was no report on the Museum.
> I have not been there but I have information.
> The Museum opened somewhere in August .
> If you are not initiated ,you wouldn't know.
> Why so ?
> Because they call it " Museum of History of Bukovina."
> The name Jewish does not appear.
> It is the Museum we speak of ,the adress is right : The
> Jewish Community House now called Palace of Culture.
> Did Mr. Zissels agree to this ? He must have.
> We were so happy that, at last ,we would have a Museum .
> How would an innocent bypasser looking for the
> Jewish Museum know ?
> He wouldn't.
> Why did this happen ? I have no satisfying answer.
> Maybe you do.
> Hardy

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