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Dear All,
  Popovici was removed from office in early 1942.
   With him out of the way , the authorities could complete what
   they started in 1941 - clean Cz. of its Jews.
    They really rounded up 4000 jews and sent more transports to
     Many of these rounded up got away.
       This was in 1942 ,well before Stalingrad , but the deportation
process seemed
        to have lost momentum.
       Was it due to Popovici ? Is it possible that he made people think
again ?
         Possibly but not certain.
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> Dear Anny,
> Your story is a very sad one, because of what you had to go through
> as a child and also because it points to the fact that Mrs. Popovici
> took advantage of the fact that her husband held the power of
> life and death in his hands. What his wife did does not diminish
> Traian Popovici's deeds.
> You are absolutely right that exactly how many people he saved
> is, in this context irrelevant. Yet I want to remind those to whom
> the number matters, that many people who had Popovici authorizations,
> were still deported to Transnistria. My family had a Popovici
> authorization, I still have it, but during two deportations in the
> summer of 1942, we were saved from deportation by hiding. Had we
> not hid, we would have been deported despite having Popovici
> authorizations.
> Mimi
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