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Horse Trading.

City of Czernowitz Official negotiates with Popovici Plaque activist

 conditions for approval of plate by authorities :

Official : We cannot accept the Title of mayor in the Ukrainean version,

                all we can permit is " City Head."

Activist : What about the other languages Rumanian and English?

 Official : There you can call him whatever you wish…. And yes

                   the picture, you must change the picture with the hat,

                   we will only approve the well known bald-headed picture.

                    Popovici never wore a hat, people won't recognize him.

 Activist : But this is Popovici ! How can you…

  Official : We have witnesses who can testify . They say that the man

                     you have on the plate is not Popovici.

                      But I am ready for a compromise : How many Jews

                    do you say that he saved -19,600 ?

                     Ok , you make it 19,000 and you can have the hat.

 Activist : But only in the Ukrainean version , in Rumanian and

                    English it will still read 19,600 ?

Official : As a bonus you can put in English 19,800.

                    As a good-will gesture.

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