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Thinking that the US government, might help me in getting the approval
of the Chernivtsi authorities, to the memorial plaque for Traian Popovici,
I recently wrote to the US State Department, asking them to forward my
letter to the US ambassador to the Ukraine.
In my letter I outlined the historical facts and gave specific details
about my negotiations with the city authorities.

This is the answer I received:
> Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support
> center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.
> Thank you for contacting the State Department.
> Subject
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> for the US ambassador to the Ukraine
> Discussion Thread
> ---------------------------------------------------------------
> Response (Support Agent) - 09/16/2008 02:54 PM
> The Bureau of Public Affairs is in receipt of your message. We appreciat=
e the
> time you took to express your thoughts and concerns.
> President Bush and Secretary of State Rice are committed to making the wo=
rld a
> better place for all Americans and all people. We encourage you to visit=
> website at www.state.gov for information on Secretary of State Rice and
> Department publications.
> Thank you for contacting the U.S. Department of State.

Question: What now?


More: The Ukraine is not so eager to join NATO,
      NATO is more eager to have the Ukraine join.



> Dear Czernowitzers: 
> It is my understanding that there are in excess of 350 members in our lis=
t. I
> would guess that more than half of us are descendants of born Czernowitze=
> Those of us who were born in Cz are getting long in the tooth and if you =
> like me, you grind your teeth every time you think of the home you lost.=
> My grandmother was widowed in her early twenties, left with two little gi=
> under the age of three, pulled herself up by her bootstraps, taught herse=
> how to design and sew, became a top couturiere and built a lovely mansion=
> which I was born, which ultimately ended up as part of Soviet state prope=
>  I would like to hear from all of you who have a clear memory of the ho=
me in
> which you were born in Czernowitz or anywhere in Bucovina which was taken=
> you without compensation.
> To the best of my knowledge all the ex-Communist states with the exceptio=
n of
> Russia and the Ukraine have repatriated confiscated property. I have a fr=
> a Romanian whose father was a minister in King Carolšs government, who =
> several homes and by now, if I recall correctly, they have all been given=
> to him by Romaniašs post-revolution government.  They dragged their h=
eels over
> one of them, as I recall, because it had been leased to some Asian countr=
y for
> use as an embassy.  My friendšs lawyers found no problem with that. T=
hey broke
> no leases but simply collected the rent instead of having the government
> collect it.  That is Democracy.
> Granted, property confiscated after the Russian revolution 1917-1919 woul=
d be
> difficult to return to the original and rightful owners since so much tim=
e has
> elapsed, but Bucovina was never a part of Russia or the Ukraine before St=
> held a gun to King Carolšs head and made a bullying land grab.  Those=
 of us
> born in Cz will have no trouble identifying our original homes.
> Those of you living in the U.S. or Canada should know that the taxes you =
> been paying helped the U.S. provide the Ukraine with over $1.5 billion in=
> since the dissolution of Communist Russia, and Canada added some four hun=
> odd million to that.  A two billion dollar gift to a country that illeg=
> holds our properties.  If you presently live in other countries Išll =
be happy
> to research and inform you if your taxes have added to this aid to the
> Ukraine.
> I donšt know what can be done about getting our homes back but a good f=
> step would be to develop a list of homes that were taken and their Cz
> addresses so that we can estimate the size of this atrocity.
> This, of course, is not confined to the list of Jewish survivors but addr=
> all Czernowitzers be they Catholic or Protestant or Atheist or Muslim. =
 If you
> lost a family home anywhere in Bucovina, I would like to hear from you.
> Cu noroc.
> Andy.
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