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Dear All,

Gary Rogovin writes "Rather, the plaque is only a vehicle of the underlying
issue of censorship and deceit, as may possibly be perpetrated by the Cz
city administration." If the city council indeed refuse to allow the
Romanian inscription this will indeed be true. However, I feel that we
should not let the issue of Ukrainian distortion of history, important as it
is, obscure the principal purpose of the plaque, which is to honour Popovici
and to bear witness to his achievement. If the plaque is actually erected
to public view in a street in Chernivtsi, this will be a great thing. It
will be a memorial to Popovici in the city where he was mayor. It will
bring his achievement to the attention of the Ukrainian public and of

If the city council really refuse to allow the Romanian inscription, this
will bring shame on them. We should not let this diminish the importance of
rekindling the memory of Popovici and his actions in his own city.

There is another point to bear in mind. If Hardy is really correct that the
memorials to Tal, Celan, Schmidt etc do not bear the word "Jewish", it is of
additional significance that the Popovici plaque will refer to the Jews so


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