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Miriam (Mimi) Taylor <>

If Anny knew any Romanian or Ukrainian, she would know
That the name Traian Popovici is enough to let anyone know
that he was Romanian and not Ukrainian. No one in Chernivtsi
wants to claim that Popovici was Ukrainian.

I do not know how many Jews were saved by Ukrainians
during World War 2. But according to statistics available
 from Yad Vashem; as of January 1st 2008, the number of people
declared as righteous among the nations according to country is:

Ukraine - 2213
Hungary - 703
Latvia - 111
Lithuania - 723
Romania - 54

No one Jew was ever saved by them?


Check the Yad-Vashem website:

Below, the definition of " righteous among the nations",
as defined by Yad-Vashem.
Anny and Gary, please read carefully:
Official title given to non-Jews who risked their lives in order to rescue
Jews during the Holocaust. The name comes from a Talmudic phrase: "The
righteous among the nations of the world have a place in the world to come.=
In 1953, Israel's parliament passed the ³Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance
(Yad Vashem) Law², giving Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, the responsibility to
establish awards and a memorial for those "Righteous Among the Nations who
risked their lives to save Jews." Since the early 1960s, a Commission for
the Designation of the Righteous has worked under the Yad Vashem Remembranc=
Authority. This committee is in charge of bestowing the "Righteous among th=
Nations" title. In its early years of existence, the committee was chaired
by Moshe Landau, who later became the president of Israel's Supreme Court.
When the name of a rescuer is submitted for recognition, the committee
carefully investigates evidence of the rescuer's actions and motivations.
The survivor or group of survivors involved must testify as to the rescuer'=
deeds, and the committee gathers corroborative documentation from European
historical institutions regarding the course of events in question. The
original law itself did not specify an exact definition of the term
"Righteous among the Nations." As it has been used throughout Jewish
history, the title refers to a moral person who offers empathy, compassion
and aid to Jews, in times of trouble and persecution. However, with regard
to the Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Law, it is clear that a person had
to have been extraordinary to receive the official title, "Righteous among
the Nations." Thus, the committee attempts to determine the candidate's
motivations for rescuing Jews, and asks questions such as: Was the rescuer
given money to help Jews? What sorts of risks and dangers did the rescuer
face? Did the rescuer's motivations include friendship, religious belief,
etc.? In general, to qualify for the title, a person had to have risked his
or her life, safety, or personal freedom to rescue a Jew from deportation
without asking for money in exchange.


> Dear all,
> I don't think that Popovici should be presented as a righteous Ukranian, =
> don't think ONE JEW was ever saved be them, murdered?
> As you realize, what they want and succeed in doing is to say: there were=
> Jews in Cti. There was NO Jewish culture, in short, to erase us from the
> face of the earth which has always been their dream.
> I feel, personally, where he would have his well deserved honour, is a
> memorial service and a plaque in Yad V'Shem. This is the only place where=
> change of nationality WILL *EVER* take place !!!!
> We can't hope to change mentalities nor feelings people have towards our
> religion, even if you've never ever known Jews, you hate them because you
> have been fed it with your mother's milk.
> What we were trying to do is to make Cti. the cultural Jewish city it use=
> to be, and their expected reaction, THERE WERE NONE HERE!!!!easier than
> explaining what had happened to them.
> Regards,
> anny

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