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hi again. Turns out they worked all night and most of all the work is =
finished...the Herrengasse is now a totally pedestrian street and had an =
official opening this morning.The buildings along all the roads in the =
town centre...ie the austrian part..are no longer the dirty white colour =
but have been repainted in contrasting colours so one can really =
appreciate the architectural niceties, and sculptures in all the nooks =
and crannies now stand out. Went to the jewish museum which will have =
it,s official opening midday tuesday...and have beaten everbody to the =
honour of being the first to sign their visitors book,with sylvia a =
close second! Spent some time there correcting a bit of english =
spelling...and admiring a big picture of traian popovici! To make Hardy =
feel better..a commendable desire...there is a holocaust section =
included.. In the middle of a discussion with natalia shevchenko re the =
labelling of some items Josef Zissels wandered in.All good fun! Followed =
by watching a "Parade of Czernowitzers" as it was called in the english =
programme.Turns out several of the olympic team came from here..and =
these were followed by university departments..all in full academic =
regalia, then various sporting groups including about 50(!!!) =
crossbowmen! lots of ethnic dress of all the various nationalities of =
this region.End of the day was some very good beer while listening to a =
brass band concert..2 groups one part of the philharmonic and the other =
a ukrainian military band.And now goodnight!! cornel
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