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hi all! well,have been here since friday night,and have hooked up with =
sylvia and charles,and kevin wexler is due to arrive this morning. the =
place looks i guess shiny is the best description,mostl painted and =
prettified. but,the herrengasse is not finished yet and is due for an =
official opening this weekend,and all over town there are still works =
being carried out till late at night by spotlights etc. we checked out =
the cemetery and more has been cleared. also to cheer up our =
Hardy...they have most definitely not for.gotten the jews. there are =
banners hanging off the lampposts with the anniversary logo and the name =
of the town...in ukrainian.rumanian,german...and ivrit! Moreover,the =
guides to this are full of references such as "here is the palace of =
weddings..formerly house of rosenzweig" !!!! and "palace of =
culture...jewish national house". more later!!! cornel
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