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Bit no.4! Spoke to a fairly senior resident of this town who shall remain
nameless...says basic problem with city council is that has group of very
reactionary apparatchiks left over from soviet times which is why popovici
picture is not on town hall wall..even though czernowitz had been cernauti
since 1918 the war time Romanians were called"occupiers"..ie usual communist
doubletalk.However i was told there is now another more modern group
too...so we shall see what happens. Had the official opening of the
jewish museum...which is its official title. Place was packed,assorted
dignitaries,the press, loads of photographers..notables present included the
governor of the province.Main bit took place in conference room,speeches by
Josef Zissels,Natasha Shevchenko,various others.Very nice things were said
about the list,those of us who came a while ago to help being singled out by
name. Kevin Wexler made contact here.Finally wine,etc in the cafeteria. Very
good show!! Met up with Charles Rosner who presented us with
copies of his biographical book in French...and discussed doing an English
version for the benefit of our nonfrench speakers. cf
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