[Cz-L] Chernivtsi Jewish cemetery (paving the main paths)

From: Miriam Taylor <mirtaylo_at_indiana.edu>
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 09:38:38 -0400
To: Charles Rosner <frenchczern1_at_yahoo.com>, Czernowitz Genealogy and History <czernowitz-l_at_list.cornell.edu>
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Dear Charles and members of the Cz.-List

This message is in response to Charles' report about the cemetery.
First: Thank you Charles for discussing the problem associated with
the cemetery restoration with local experts and reporting to us.
It is true that the work which was done this summer by the volunteers
organized by SVIT Ukraine, succeeded in clearing only a small part
of the cemetery. Furthermore, it highlighted he necessity of having
a well considered and detailed plan of action. This plan, among other
objectives needs to include the paving, or in some other manner securing
the path in the cemetery. The cemetery is divided by two main paths
into 4 sections. In addition there are many other paths which separate
the rows of graves from each other.

The length of the two main paths, one up the hill from the entrance,
the other at right angle to the first one, according to my calculations,
together measure 460 - 470 meter, their width is only 2 - 2.5 meter.
At the maximum their area is 1175 sq. meter. Even adding 25% to allow
for error, the area is no larger than 1500 sq. meter.
I do not know what the current cost of paving with asphalt is in
the Ukraine, but the rate of $44 /sq. meter, that the former architect
quoted, seems excessive. I believe that $30/sq. meter. Is a more likely
price. This would bring the total to $45 000, still more than we could
collect from members of the Cz.-List.
I would expect the city to pave the main paths. They most probably have
the equipment and the workers to do this. If it turns out that asphalt
is too expensive, a layer of pebbles 10cm thick would be one alternative,
the other would be planting grass, but grass would need to be mown
about 20 times each year.

Generally, I think that having a surveyor, survey and map the cemetery,
including all the paths, large monuments and large trees (more than 15cm
in diameter), is one of the first steps which needs to be taken, in order
to arrive at a sensible plan for the restoration and maintenance of the

Christian Hermann and I with some other members of the list, have been
corresponding about the various problems and possible solutions for
the restoration/rehabilitation and maintenance of the cemetery.
In the next few days, I hope to have a preliminary plan of action ready
to be commented on by the Cz.-List. I hope that many more of you
will take an active part in this endeavour.

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