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Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 22:37:15 -0400
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>Welcome, Ilana. Trembowla is located in the Polish portion of what
>was once Galicia, near Suchostav. See:
>Jews often moved between Galicia and Bukovina. So your family could
>have had connections to both Trembowla as well as locations in
>If you tell us a bit about your family, it's possible some list
>members may know more about them. We have over 350 members from
>around the world. What were the names of your parents,
>grandparents, etc.?
>Thanks for joing us,
>Bruce Reisch
>Geneva, New York (list owner)
>>I have just joined this list out of interest in Chernovitz. My paternal
>>grandparents were born in Bukovina [where I don't know] and have relatives
>>in Israel who were born in Romania.
>>What I do know is friends of my Grandfather started the Trembowler
>>Benevolent Society. Has anyone here ever heard of Trembowler?
>>I am very interested in trying to find out more. Can someone lead me in
>>the right direction.
>>Ilana Fellner Konerding.

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