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Thanks very much for the information. It makes eminent sense.
But needs some corrections and explanations

1. The mass grave #20 where Jewish Austrian soldiers who died in WW1
    are interred, is located to the right of the main path of the cemetery
    in area #38.
2. The mass grave for the Muslim soldiers is located in the North-West
    corner of the cemetery in area #130 and obviously, these soldiers died
    fighting in WW1.
3. The mass grave of the Romanian citizens killed by Soviet soldiers in 1940
    is located close to the southern edge of the cemetery in area #10.

I believe, even though I have no proof for this, that the mass graves for
the Muslim soldiers as well as for the Romanian citizens are located within
the boundaries of the Jewish cemetery, because at the time that these
burials took place, the areas in which these mass graves are located, where
outside the Jewish cemetery, or possibly within the cemetery, but at its

To verify this, we would need to find out, whether there are graves in these
areas dating to a time, before the mass graves were made.


On 7/23/09 8:47 AM, "HARDY BREIER" <HARDY3_at_BEZEQINT.NET> wrote:

> In my inquiry about mass graves at cemetery I adressed Josef Bursuc at the
> Chesed Shushana
> and got an answer in Russian.( not signed by Josef).
> One riddle is solved -
> 1. the Austrian were jewish soldiers.
> 2.The "Turks" were Moslems who fought for Russia.
> 3.The Rumanians were buried an empty area with no jewish graves
> The question still remains as to why 2. and 3. were buried at the
> Jewish cem.
> Here is the auto translation:
> At the Jewish cemetery in Chernovtsy Street. Green 3 has a site where
> burying the dead soldiers:
> 1. In the center of the cemetery there is an alley, where buried 81
> Jewish soldiers fought for Austria, who died during ?-Second World War.
> In 1926 the Jewish community in Chernivtsi found 81 stone epitaph. 2
> years ago, in 2007, the Austrian Government began its restoration. To date,
> the restoration work is almost completed.
> 2. In the north-eastern corner of the cemetery there is a common grave
> 33 Muslims who fought in(za means for H.B)Russia and killed during ?-Second
> World War. Monument to the Jewish community was established in 1939 with the
> inscription: "War-Muslims who died in World War 1914 - 1918 years"
> 3. On the territory of the Jewish cemetery, at the beginning of the
> left, the entrance to the street. Lubyanskoy, ball free land, where there
> was no Jewish graves. In this "free land" and in 1942 during ? ?-Second
> World War were buried 400 Romanian citizens who lost their lives in our
> area.
> In 2008, Romania has the graves of those in order, found it a memorial
> to those who died of war.
> On the map of the cemetery are marked:
> 20 Graves Austrian Jewish soldiers;
> 118 common grave Muslim soldiers;
> 121 burials of the Romanian citizens.
> --
> Best regards,
> Shushana mailto:

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