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Hello Jessica --

Sorry I've been so terribly out of touch...

I just wanted to encourage you to also post your interest in Fischbach to

1. Czernowitz Family Finder on ehpes : and the
2. JewishGen Family Finder at:

These are 2 great ways to get the word out on a permanent basis. Anyone who
later sees your interest can get in touch with you - or maybe you're already
listed on the JewishGen site and I just don't recognize your posting...

I've had long-lost cousins get in touch years and years after posting at
these 2 places.

Good luck!

Jane Reifer
Fullerton, California

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Subject: [Cz-L] Fischbach identity cards in Jewish Museum collection

Hello, fellow Czernowitzers --

Yesterday I sent the following e-mail to Edgar Hauster whose link to
the Jewish Museum's website gave me the first real hope I've ever had
that my Fischbach family line could be traced, and even that someone
might still be living from that line.

Edgar suggested a specific contact person at the museum, but also
suggested that I copy my request to the List, as possibly one of our
own list members may have contributed the documents I found on that
website. So, here goes, with my hope that someone "out there" can be of

>I have just followed the link to the Jewish Museum that you posted
>today to the Czernowitz-List website. It is an excellent virtual
>visit to the museum, and I especially appreciate seeing all its
>displays and contents because I have not been able to travel in
>person to Czernowitz.
>Scrolling through the page on Documents I came across 3 identity
>cards from the Fischbach family -- Alfred, Jeanette and Edmund. My
>paternal great-grandmother was a Fischbach; her daughter Henie Gross
>Falikman was born in Zaleszchiki, but she married and raised a large
>family in Czernowitz, my father being the 3rd youngest of her own 8
>children; she also raised 2 or possibly 3 children from my
>grandfather's first marriage.
>I've never been able to find specific documents about the Fischbachs
>in either Zaleszchiki or Czernowitz before this , and this is the
>very first time I've even come across that name. Could you tell me,
>or help me to trace, the source of those documents. If descendents
>of that family donated the ID cards to the museum from their
>personal collection, and they are still living, I would very much
>like to contact them to see if they might be relatives of some
>degree, and if they could help provide further information about the
>Fischbach family's history.
>Thanks in advance for any help you can give in my effort to trace my
>Jessica Falikman Attiyeh, San Diego, CA

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