[Cz-L] Interesting Index of Gestapo documents from Oded Blaustein

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In going through materials that were sent for posting on our website, I
came across some correspondence from Oded Blaustein that almost slipped
through the cracks...

Some time ago (Feb.2011) she wrote to me:

Hello Jerome
While researching my Czernowitz grandfather Kalman Gronich I came across
the attached reference to a Bucharest gestapo file regarding him stored
in Virginia USA in the US National archives.

Perhaps other list members can find documents of interest to them
I have asked my brother in law who lives in the States to help me get a
copy of the documents regarding my grandfather.
Could you post something concerning these documents
Oded Blaustein

In a follow up email she wrote:

Here is the link to the web site [that contains the index of documents]
The index contains many Nazi German documents concerning Jewish
underground activities in Romania as well as documentation of attrocites
perpetrated to Jews.

Ordering procedures are explained in the site [actually the document
intro ] introduction.
I have not yet received the documents I ordered

In trying to figure out how to present this material, I decided to
download the entire Index from Google Documents rather than the link
above. The link above is interesting in its own right, as it seems to
hold a lot of Nazi memorabilia as well as NARA documents. Take a look
and you tell me what you think.

That said, I put the entire Index on our website (some 188 pages). You
can download or read it at:

It's a large .pdf file (12MB). It is searchable -- I searched on
Czernowitz -10 references; Transnistria -14 references, and as Oded
pointed out, lots of surnames too. You will need Acrobat Reader to view
it and to search it. Usually the search function is under the 'Edit'
menu of the pdf viewer.

This seems to me to be a very interesting find. Maybe Oded will let the
group know if she received the documents she requested.

Thanks go to Oded for bringing this to the group's attention and sorry I
took so long!

[The document will be accessible from the Menu -> From List Members -> Stories
Histories & Documents section shortly].
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