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From: Berti Glaubach <>
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2011 12:30:14 +0200
To: Miriam Taylor <>,
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Hi Mimi,

I looked up the present numbering of Celan street and indeed it now is
from north to south, but it includes three former streets: the
Schmied- Marin and Stillegasse. As you remember 3 to be near the
Kaserne it is more than probable that the numbering of old
Schmiedgasse started from corner Maringasse (that branches from
Siebenbuergerstrasse having the Kasserne on its right side) and going
as you say from south to north. The Stillegasse was further to the
south from Schmied and was a Sackgasse.

I presume the reason for the former numbering as you recall it was
that at the time it was done, the access to Schmied and back of the
Kaserne was mainly though Maringasse.

Later the Kasene was torn down and the three streets united, the high
odd numbers to day being at the place the Kaserne was before.


On Fri, Dec 30, 2011 at 4:36 PM, Miriam Taylor <> wrote:
> Thanks to Berti for trying to explain the house numbering system.
> But I think this system was not always used.
> In the case of the Karolinengasse, later named Iancu Flondor
> and currently named Zankovetska, number #4, is adjacent to the Temple
> and number 6, the house in which Popovici lived is further north
> and more distant from the center. In this case the system was used.
> But in the case of the Schmidtgasse, south of number 3 and further away
> from the center there was a Kaserna, which means it could not have been #5
> in which the Bretler family lived.
> Mimi
> On Dec 30, 2011, at 3:59 AM, Berti Glaubach wrote:
>> About street numbers:
>> Similar to most towns in Europe, in Czenowitz too they gave numbers
>> from the center to the outside , on the left odd numbers on the  right
>> side even ones. This was done in Cz. from the Ringplatz to the North,
>> West, South and East . The Soviets and later the Ukrainians changed
>> very little of this except of course the main street Golovna that
>> united the Haupt-, Rathauss- and Siebenbuergerstrasse starting the
>> numbers from the Springbrunnenplatz (corner Bahhofstrasse, I think
>> some years the Golovna included the Bahnhofstrasse too).
>>  Formerly the Hauptstrasse was numbered from South to North (Schmidt
>> and Fontyn an even number) and the other too from North to South. They
>> did not change for instance the numbering of the Cuciamarestr. that
>> continued to go from North to South because there was nothing to unite
>> with. Whenever other streets were given one name e.g. Karolinen und
>> Hormuzakigasse the same rule was used - starting from the vicinity of
>> the Ringplatz i.e. corner Tempelgasse.
>> I presume, according to the same rule that in the Schmidtgasse case
>> the numbers nearest the Primaria are 1 and 2 on left and right when
>> facing south.
>> Berti.
>> On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 6:33 PM, Miriam Taylor <> wrote:
>>> A few days ago, in searching through the Cz. Addresss book
>>> for the year 1936, I noticed that at  Cronicarul Neculce # 5,
>>> there lived a family by the name of Bretler, first name of the owner:
>>> Efroim. I was born and lived till the summer of 1940, at # 10,
>>> of the same street, called in German Schmidtgasse.
>>> Between the fall of 1942 and the summer of 1945, I lived at # 3,
>>> of the same street. Next to #3, there was and still is a single story,
>>> beautiful villa, which I assume was numbered #5.
>>> (It seems street numbers went up from south to north.)
>>> During the war years there lived in this house a family, who had
>>> a little girl, a year or two older than I. Once, she ran after me
>>> and called me "parsheve Szid". I beat her up and the memory
>>> of that event has stayed in my mind. In recent years whenever
>>> I am in Chernivtsi, I visit the street on which I lived.
>>> The beautiful villa at number 5 is uninhabited and in ruins.
>>> I imagine that the family who lived there during the war
>>> and taught their 8 year old daughter to detest Jews, ended up in Siberia.
>>> Now, that I found out that the house belonged in 1936 to a Jewish family,
>>> I wonder what happened to this family and whether any of you knew them.
>>> Mimi
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