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Iancu Flondor was, under the Austrians, Herrengasse and not Karolinengasse.
The latter was strada Avram Iancu
Abraham K.

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Thanks to Berti for trying to explain the house numbering system.
But I think this system was not always used.
In the case of the Karolinengasse, later named Iancu Flondor
and currently named Zankovetska, number #4, is adjacent to the Temple
and number 6, the house in which Popovici lived is further north
and more distant from the center. In this case the system was used.
But in the case of the Schmidtgasse, south of number 3 and further away
from the center there was a Kaserna, which means it could not have
been #5
in which the Bretler family lived.


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