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Having a Jewish mother (certified by an appropriate rabbi, I suppose)
makes it easier to be ³certified" as Jewish, but it is neither necessary
or sufficient to have a Jewish mother. If it were necessary, Avraham
would not have been Jewish and we wold be in a mess. Practicing Judaism
is necessary. Deciding what it means to be ³practicing Judaism² is a
whole other problem. There is no genetic code for Jews. There are many
Jews who do not have a Jewish mother.

OK, how does this very complex question fit into this discussion group?


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>You are only Jewish if Julie Bernard, his wife, was Jewish and you are
>descended from one of their six children. But most of the information is
>probably in France and Brazil. I could not find his birth in 1812
>or his death in 1882 in JRI-Poland.
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> Subject: [Cz-L] Dr. Pitor Czerniewicz
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> Czernowitzers... I pass to you some
> correspondence from yesterday's mail.
> If you can help Dr. Rigaud, please respond to him directly
> at his email address as he is not a list member.
> Best,
> jerome
> Dear Dr. Rigaud...
> Thank you for your email. I will pass your message to our
> group of some 400 researchers and instruct them to contact
> you if they have any information about your Czerniewicz
> family. You are of course, always welcome to join our group.
> Information is on our website at
> Good luck in your search!
> Jerome Schatten -- webmaster for the Czernowitz-L Discussion
> Group
> *From:* Matthieu Rigaud <>
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> *Sent:* Saturday, March 22, 2014 2:30 PM
> *Subject:* Dr Chernoviz
> Hello,
> I am the descendant of the famous Doctor
> Piotr Czerniewicz
> (September 11, 1812 ­ August 31, 1882)
> Pierre Louis Napoleon
> Chernoviz in French, who was polish and
> has immigrated to France.
> I always wondered if my family came
> initally from the city
> Czenowitz, and If I am Jews?
> Could you help me please?
> Best regards
> Dr Matthieu Rigaud Chernoviz
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