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And without my German I would not have grown up reading every Karl May book
I could lay my hands on!! Cornel

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I was born in 1937, 19 years after Czernowitz became part of Romania.
In 1945, I still knew no more than a few words in Romanian.
My parents born in 1907 and 1908 spoke only German to me.
They spoke Yiddish to older relatives and acquaintances
and occasionally among themselves.
When it was time for me to learn to read, Jews were not allowed
to go to school, so my parents in 1943, got a teenage girl,
who lived in the neighborhood to teach me German.
All the books in our home, with the exception of Shalom Aleichem
were in German.
The nursery rhymes I was taught were German.
I knew the street names only in German.
To this day, you can find the Cafe Vienna in Chernivtsi.
Have you ever heard of Czernowitz having a Cafe Bucuresti?
The statue of Kaiser Franz Joseph stands proudly in its small garden,
Carol, Mihai and Ferdinand are all forgotten.


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