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From: Moshe Rubin <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2014 13:24:37 -0700
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Thanks everyone for the feedback, especially Cornel. 

The goal of the trip is to visit 3 specific sites:

Campulung-Moldevenesc synagogues where my father's father was Rabbi for 20 years.

Mogilev-Podolsk where my fathers grandfather passed awau (weeks after arrival) in October 1941.

Siret, visit the "new" Jewish cemetery where my father's grandmother and great grandfather are buried in a Ohel (mausoleum).

We really don't have the luxury of seeing other sites.

This was my line of thinking when I created this itinerary.

I googled the drive from Iasi airport to Campulung-Moldevenesc at 2 h 42 min. Cornel, you must have googled the other Campulung which indeed is 6 hours away.

We also would strongly prefer to spend Shabbat in Israel.

I'm open to more thoughts!

On Thursday, April 3, 2014 2:57 PM, cornel fleming <> wrote:
Hi Moshe!  It just seems to be a non-stop rush to get from place to
place,with no time for seeing the places themselves.  For example Campolung
itself has bits worth seeing,not just the synagogues..and if you hit traffic
while driving it may well be getting late  and not enough daylight. And then
back into the vehicle and drive to the border and on to Czernowitz. In
Czernowitz have all of you seen the town,the Jewish Museum,the famous
cemetery,the Pruth and the huge market on the other side?? I am sorry to be
sounding so negative....but that is my impression of what you are trying to
achieve in what to me seems a very inadequate amount of time. For another
bit..while in Czernowitz will you have time to go and see Rav Kofmanski's
shul??It is amazingly decorated and survived the war untouched (built about
1926/7).  I could go on..but I think I have probably upset you enough!!  I
just hope it works out for you and your family!!!  Best, Cornel

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