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Dear Merle,

I am glad not to be the first one with this suggestion. I had met this many years ago, but having read it again, I could not help enjoying the puns in it, and thought that there might be still someone who had not had the opportunity to have a good laugh. However, just a couple of days ago I saw on some newscast from the USA a guy who was handling a pizza piece that had been left outside in the last cold snowstorm, claiming that it could be used as a wooden board or even as a saw, which reminded immediately the description in one of the items (the Matzo - incidentally have you ever tried to bite into a Matza Shmura and retained your teeth in good shape?)... I suppose you in Canada had similar experiences these last two weeks.

Shavu'a Tov


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Subject: Re: The [Cz-L] Bukowina Jewish Cook-Book

> Dear Mordecai,
> OH! I thought you meant that seriously. hahaha!
> As you know, that joke has been circulating for a few
> years and is far from new. Actually, someone else proposed
> including that same joke in the cookbook a couple of years
> ago, too. So you've got company. ;-)
> Sure - if you or anyone else has (real) recipes, do send them.
> It is really too bad that your mother didn't leave hers -
> that would have been a 'find'.
> Merle

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