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That is probably because the guards were Polish or Romanian!!! Cornel

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I heard a story on a similar theme from a (recently discovered) cousin in

My great-aunt returned to Czernowitz with a few members of her family,
decades after she first left (1920, approx.). The story goes that when the
group reached a border crossing, she launched into fluent German, in a
lively discussion with the guards.

Except that the German-speaking guards didn't have the faintest idea what
she was saying. Her family teased her about it for years.

Warm regards from Vancouver,


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> Dear Cz List Members:
> During the late 1940s, when I worked as a French translator for a New
> City import-export company,the German-English translator was a
> German-Jewish refugee from Berlin. She always seemed very reserved, so
in an attempt
> to break the ice I told her that even though I neither spoke nor
> German I learned a few German songs from my Czernowitz-born father. To
> impress her, I started singing"Zwei herzen im driverteltakt". I never got

> past that first line because she stopped me, sneering, "You sing German
> an Austrian accent."
> Incidentally, Hardy, I can't possibly be a stranger in paradise
> because that is where I live.
> Iris
> Iris June Steinhauser Vinegar
> Raleigh, North Carolina
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