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Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2014 21:04:17 +0100
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Dear friends, I'm yet again excited about the deep and informative discussion relating to "The Genesis of Paul Celan's "Todesfuge". Based on the previous mails, I've updated once more my posting by introducing - thanks to Galina, the "Krasnaya Zvezda" editions dated August 10, 11, 12 - 1944   to be downloaded as a single PDF file at - Constantin Simonov's report (German) on his journey through Czernowitz in June 1944 - a selection of your mails to the comments at the bottom of the post Please let me add the following questions/remarks to the still ongoing discussion: Boris, Iosif, Galina... Constantin Simonov's visit in Czernowitz in June 1944 is confirmed by the JTA report, dated June 21, 1944 and in parallel by his War Diaries, Vol. 2 (see above mentioned post). Do you think, there might be a chance to trace Simonov's contemporary report on his visit in one of the Soviet newspapers? I think it would be worth the effort to look for this?! Hedwig, Mimi, Sylvie... Let me clear up a misunderstanding: As far as I understood Galina's mail well, Simonov reported in his articles in the "Krasnaya Zvezda" (see above) on a Holocaust survivor named Leon Blum, whom he met on the occasion of the liberation of the Maidanek Concentration Camp. At that time he took him for the former French PM Leon Blum. A forgivable mistake, Wikipedia was not yet online! Later on, in the printed edition of "The Lublin Extermination Camp" this error has been corrected. Iosif... I'm enthusiastic about Celan's trilingual signature. Where is it from? Thank you so much for your outstanding contribution! Bianca... Thank you so much for your additional and essential information on "The Genesis of Paul Celan's "Todesfuge"! Thank you all once again and warmest wishes to all of you from spring-like Netherlands! Edgar Hauster Lent - The Netherlands
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