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Dear all,

here are more voices concerning the topic of anti-Semitism and ongoing protests in Ukraine:

Please also check the link list of related articles at the end.


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Dear all,

I´m sorry - but Zissels interview is naiv! And -not like Christian wrote- Zissel do not deny anti-Semitism on maidan. He just mentions, that they made roleplays and were not attacked and Jews are not the primary target of Svoboda - just number six or seven.??? Normally fascists would say something like that: no panic - you are just the sixth person i´m gonna kick out of social life - so relax! There are enough photos from the entrance of Kiev´s city hall: everything is staffed with pictures of Stepan Bandera (who is reliable for the pogroms of Lemberg and Wolhynien), Swastika, SS-Runes...

I don´t know, where Josef Zissels is living - but obviously not in Ukraine. Because otherwise he should know, that there´s a gap between police files and real actions. If you walk through Ukrainian streets you can see fascistic and anti-Semitic graffitis all over. But it seems, that Zissels is overlooking big parts of right wing "politics" in Ukraine: Patriot Ukrajina, UNA-UNSO, SNA, SBB, SS... Beside he reduces, what he calls Neo-Antisemitism, just on the Israel-Conflict.


Am 31.01.2014 um 20:33 schrieb Miriam Taylor <>:

> Thank you Christian for sending us this information.
> And if there is among us someone who can translate what
> Josef Zissels said, please would you translate for the rest of us?
> Josef Zissels is the man who founded and financed the Jewish museum
> of Czernowitz.
> We of course do not know whether he is right in what he said about
> the protesters and would like to get the opinions of less involved people.
> I still remember being told: "Tak skazal tovaresh Stalin"
> (so said comrade Stalin).
> There is no question that the protests when they started, had nothing to do
> with Jews, neither good nor bad, but recent attacks on religious Jews in the
> Ukraine, have me worried.
> Mimi
> On 1/31/14 4:52 AM, "Christian Herrmann" <> wrote:
>> Related to the topic of anti-Semitism and Euromaidan is the following
>> interview with Joseph Zisels, Czernowitzer and head of the Association of
>> Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine:
>> a-deystvitelnosti
>> Zisels points out that no anti-Semitic actions or agitation by Euromaidan
>> protesters have been observed so far - not even by those from the far right,
>> while anti-Semitism is wide spred among riot police members and hired thugs.
>> Google translate may help you to understand the interview.
>> Christian
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