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From: Sylvia de Swaan <>
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2014 09:15:55 -0500
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Hardy ....speech leads to actions...& as to the killing fields of
Transnistria ....I was there too - and lost most the members of my
family I know all about it....

On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 8:50 AM, HARDY BREIER <> wrote:
> I dont really care for verbal antisemitism, insinuations , being called
> names and
> mockery.
> There is no better idiom than " Jew down the price" , let them use it.
> The 1,500,000 of Ukraina Jews didnt die directly of any of the above.
> They died in manners which are hard to describe.
> In the killing fields , of cold , hunger without a grave .
> Hardy
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> Dear all ...just to weigh in for a moment about whether there are any Jew
> haters in Ukraine - I'd say, probably - though I didn't encounter any
> personally in my six weeks in Cz last summer. But I don't think that there
> is a country in the world where all the inhabitants are squeeky clean with
> not a racist, anti-semitic, homo phobic or other prejudice in their hearts.
> The last time I was called a "dirty Jew" was on the Isle of Man by a little
> classmate in the school I attended - this was in the first "normal" place
> I'd experienced in my young life, after the turmoil and trauma of my early
> years of war, fear, uncertainty etc. Much later in the United States, I've a
> few times encountered people coming with those ingrained statements, like "I
> don't want to Jew you down.." by the old timer who wanted to get a discount
> for the stuff he was buying at my garage sale ...or the nice hip young
> neighbor who invited me over to dinner & having little in common, we started
> our conversation complaining about the landlord, to which at one point she
> added, "what do you want, he's a Jew.."....which left me speechless - and
> you know that the biggest publishing house for Nazi literature is right here
> in Lincoln, Nebraska, because we have "freedom of speech".... ...but we also
> have the Southern Poverty Law Center and other important agencies that
> expose "hate crimes" and help pass laws that can put people in jail for hate
> crimes - The dangerous thing is when such notions become state sponsored and
> encouraged, so we should all speak up against ingrained prejudice - & from
> what I read, right at the moment I might be more reluctant to publicly
> announce "I AM A JEW" in France than in Ukraine....
> best wishes, love & peace to all
> Sylvia
> On Sat, Feb 1, 2014 at 11:11 PM, Josefine Koch <> wrote:
>> I am glad to hear that there were also Zadikim in Sedom.
>> [Josefine]

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