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Thank you for this, Bruce.

I joined this list-serve a short time ago in order to search for
genealogical information about the identity of my biological paternal

This ongoing debate has been disturbing to me from the standpoint of
the story behind my search for the identity of my grandfather:

My Ukrainian grandmother, born and raised in Cucuirul Mare, Bukovina,
was married out of necessity to a Ukrainian man whom she did not love.
 While he was away in Canada on his own preparing to bring her and
their two children over, she fell in love with her true soulmate -- a
Jewish Czernowitzer from what I have been told. My father's 1932 birth
was the result of their illicit union. She and her three children
eventually joined the man-she-did-not-love in Canada. The few precious
photographic keepsakes I have from this love story provides me with
irrefutable evidence that Ukrainian/Jew meant nothing to them. They
simply loved one another and fate denied them a life together. My
father was a decent man. I believe myself to be a decent person. Am
I to credit this to my Ukrainian grandmother's genes or my mystery
Jewish grandfather's? These debates would have me thinking that the
goodness of one set of genes must have trumped the evil of the other.
But whose?

I hope someday to successfully discover my grandfather's identity via
this resource -- and it matters not a whit to me what his ethnic or
religious background was.


On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 3:14 PM, Bruce Reisch <> wrote:
> Dear Czernowitzers, Bukoviners, descendants, friends,
> The discussions and debates recently have been passionate, emotional, and
> always educational whether we agree with a writer or not. With the
> "Revolution 8" thread, and some others, we've covered a range of topics
> sometimes straying away from the stated purpose for this list's existence:
> Jewish History and/or Genealogy in relation to Czernowitz and/or the rest
> of Bukovina.
> It's easy to stray off topic with the current political upheaval and
> demonstrations in Ukraine capturing headlines around the world. Though we
> try to moderate list posts with a gentle hand, let's please stay on topic
> with future posts. So, general discussions of Euromaiden are out, but
> Euromaiden in relation to what's currently taking place in Czernowitz
> would be "in". This relates to the history of the region. General
> discussions of antisemitism in the Ukraine are best left for other venues,
> but antisemitism within Bukovina has always been an accepted topic.
> As always, genealogical subject matter is most welcome - this is the place
> to post your questions about Jewish family history research in relation to
> our Bukovina ancestors.
> Thanks for your understanding.
> Warmest wishes,
> Bruce Reisch
> (list owner)

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