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If nothing else, your story on your "two" paternal grandfathers finally is an amazing and encouraging result of this most exhausting thread, that we had before and which - thanks to Bruce - is closed now.

Welcome to the List and thank you so much for sharing! As a counterpart, please let me add one of my own family stories. Friedrich (Fritz) Bardach was born in Czernowitz on September 4, 1906 in a good middle-class Jewish family as the son of the businessman Roman Bradch and the piano teacher Gitel (Gusta) Bardach, my grandmother's sister.

Sometime in the 1920/30-ies Fritz fell in love with an Ukrainian from the surroundings and from then on he broke off the contact with his family - or perhaps vice versa, who knows - and stopped speaking German; Ukrainian/Ruthenian became his common speech. In the 1930-ies he became a "famous" pickpocket. The Czernowitz newspapers report in April 1932, May 1932, July 1933, January 1934 and March 1935 on his misdeeds:

Was it promotive for his criminal career to get such a publicity? Not really. However, he succeeded to survive the Holocaust and in 1947 he reappears in Radautz, possibly as repatriate, but most probably as illegal border crosser. But the "black sheep" of our family mutated in the meantime to an affectionate son. Fritz assisted his mother Gusta to emigrate after WW2 to France. My grandfather Elias Hauster, in his letter from mid-1947, attributed Fritz's motivation

to "the miracle the language of blood". One year later, in 1948, Fritz disappears without any trace. I've put in great efforts to trace Fritz after 1948 and/or to discover his Ukrainian "wife" (my late father termed her as "wife", but, as I never found a marriage record, I am very much in doubt, that it was a legitimate liaison). No result so far, but I'm still following some new traces.

The chance, that "my" Fritz could be the Jewish one of your "two" paternal grandfathers is extremely low, but who knows, at the end of the day we might be related...?

However, I hope you enjoyed this story and I'm welcoming you once again to our List! I'm very much appreciating your statements and I'm sharing your feelings with regard to the last debates.

Edgar Hauster
Lent - The Netherlands

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> Thank you for this, Bruce.
> I joined this list-serve a short time ago in order to search for
> genealogical information about the identity of my biological paternal
> grandfather.
> This ongoing debate has been disturbing to me from the standpoint of
> the story behind my search for the identity of my grandfather:
> My Ukrainian grandmother, born and raised in Cucuirul Mare, Bukovina,
> was married out of necessity to a Ukrainian man whom she did not love.
> While he was away in Canada on his own preparing to bring her and
> their two children over, she fell in love with her true soulmate -- a
> Jewish Czernowitzer from what I have been told. My father's 1932 birth
> was the result of their illicit union. She and her three children
> eventually joined the man-she-did-not-love in Canada. The few precious
> photographic keepsakes I have from this love story provides me with
> irrefutable evidence that Ukrainian/Jew meant nothing to them. They
> simply loved one another and fate denied them a life together. My
> father was a decent man. I believe myself to be a decent person. Am
> I to credit this to my Ukrainian grandmother's genes or my mystery
> Jewish grandfather's? These debates would have me thinking that the
> goodness of one set of genes must have trumped the evil of the other.
> But whose?
> I hope someday to successfully discover my grandfather's identity via
> this resource -- and it matters not a whit to me what his ethnic or
> religious background was.
> Vicki
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