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Hello Bruce,

The word Ziegelei means brickyard, a place where bricks are made.
Schaffer means creator or maker.
Moses Dorf must have been a brick-maker.

Manasteryska is a suburb of Czernowitz located to the southwest of
the city.
Contrary to what is generally true now, the suburbs are where the
poorer families lived.
My paternal grandparents lived in Manasteryska and my father was born
In the 1909 directory my grandfather Moses Reifer is listed, but no
address is given.
His brother Anschel is also listed, but his house is listed as being
on the Pumnulgasse.
Later on, the street on which my grandfather lived was named:
"Verlaengerte Pumnulgasse"
( continuation of Pumnul street).


As did some of the grandparents of other members of our list.
On Feb 15, 2014, at 8:49 AM, Bruce Wexler wrote:

> Hello Czernowitzers,
> Looking at the 1909 city directory, on line 2819, I find a Moses
> DORF, who may be a relative.
> His profession is listed as "Ziegeleischaffer". Can anyone
> translate this?
> Also, the area he lived in was "Manasteryska". Does anyone know
> where this would be?
> Last question: They have a house number, but no street. Should I
> assume this is a transcriber's mistake?
> Thank you
> Bruce Wexler
> Jackson, NJ

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