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  I think I got it:
The man was a driver at the Ziegelei : Der Ziegelei Chauffeur.
  The high school boys who filled the forms didnt know how to spell
  it in the French way so that is how it came to be.
   For us to break the heads uselessly....


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In German you can use the word "schaffen" in the meaning of "work".
Especially in the south of Germany (Austria?). "Er ist ein Schaffer" - means
he is somebody who works hard and a lot. "Er schafft beim B├Ącker" - he works
in a bakery - without being a baker.
So "Ziegeleischaffer" in my opinion is somebody who works in a "Ziegelei".
Not necessarily in the production of bricks. He is employed at a "Ziegelei".

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I think the translation could be described as "ice bricks provider".
Presumably for ice boxes or other cooling needs in summer. The word is

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