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It's all so interesting. Thanks Hardy.

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> Merle, I dont really know.
> But Monateriska comes from Monastery. There is no monastery there now or
> ever was.
> Which only complicates matters.
> A big village at the SW of Czernowitz ,which was also a big village before
> the Austrians came.
> The Lipovans lived there , a Russian sect who kept the Sabbat and were
> also called
> the Subotniki because the kept the sanctity of Saturday and did not kill
> Jews .
> The grew long beards and had soft eyes.
> The came from Russia or somewhere as refugees .
> Something like the Mormons in America.
> Hardy
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>> I'm going to jump into this discussion now.
>> Is there any documentation on how Monastryzska (sp?)
>> got its name in the first place?
>> It would be interesting to find out.
>> Merle
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